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    My understanding is that Little Dublin was focused on the intersection of Beaver Hall Hill and René-Lévesque, so a little west of where Chinatown is. Little Dublin would’ve been the middle-class merchant community built up around St. Patrick’s, though from what I remember reading, it was primarily Scotch-Irish and/or Anglo-Irish Protestants and not Catholics, who would’ve lived farther south in Griffintown and Goose Village. Little Dublin would have been known as Paper Hill in the early 20th century, but very little is left today, aside from the nearby pub which bears its name.

  2. You use the name Little Dublin. Is it true that this name once referred specifically to the area that later became Chinatown?

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    I was just walking around down near the Bonaventure viaduct early on a Saturday morning. Residence was taken from under the viaduct with a zoom, I think. There are small courtyards on two sides of the gasworks you can walk right on it. I don’t think anyone lives or works there presently. And either way it’s pretty much public property at this point.

  4. Cool pictures. hey How did you get the pictures of the gasworks and the one that’s named residence.

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